Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi Y'all

So, some updates would be that:

Cristian turned 18 this weekend and is picking his baptismal date this time...he is having a hard time reconciling that he believes in the gospel, but is afraid of letting go of being Catholic with his family...he is not practicing, it is more of a cultural thing...but we are working through it.

Zarah is on date for 3/31 and her mom has really warmed up to much so that she has been talking our ears off and invited us to dinner...the Lord is molding her too...but we'll be patient. :) It is a miracle how her feelings have changed and how far Zarah has come...she now feels guilty if she doesn't remember to pray about one thing during the day! She is so ready...but still nervous....we are helping her to prepare.

Edith is definitely afraid that she is feeling something she's never felt so strong...she's always been drawn to our church and especially the people...unfortunately she is pushing it aside and says she is not going to convert...well, the Lord will see about that...we're being careful, but we'll be bold. :) Sometimes it is just about planting that seed and then backing off so that they can feel the difference.

We just got an apartment of new investigators...a referral from the same member who referred us to Mary! It is 2 sisters, Karina and Norma and Karina's novio Carlos and Aldo, Norma's 7 year old son and maybe their 2 guy friends Pablo (thinks he's Catholic) and Antonio (we think he might be Gay)...anyway...they're awesome!!! They ask amazing questions...they want it so bad and yeah...I don't want to get to excited, because there are definitely going to be some obstacles, but we feel really good about them...they are we just gotta be. It was like teaching a sunday school class last night with all of them in the room asking perfect, but deep life yeah, we taught the Plan of Salvation and I felt like we needed a
whiteboard! :)

Ok, gotta go...gotta write you all, have a great your ENOS! ;)

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