Sunday, April 29, 2012


So P-Day changed cuz we went to the temple today! :) YIPEE!!! 


        Me and my District Leader Elder Pixton from NM
 Us with Annie Mower, a spanish speaking RM I met on an exchange once and we clicked and she now drives us up to a special assignment we have to teach a less-active/part-member family about 1.5 hours away
once a week and some serious miracles have happened with the Ortiz family! I'm barely getting it in my journal and then I'll write ya'll
updates of my 'gators next week ok! :)

Me and Watson at the temple today in my 1950's mama in the kitchen bought brand new retro from the second-hand store for $ was my Easter dress of course. :)

K, Love ya'll! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, let's get right to it and crack open Conference shall we?! Yeah, baby! This weekend was totally Celestial! I WANT TO HEAR YOUR TAKE-AWAYS!!! So yeah, I always love all the messages of course, but I'll list a couple of my starred talks and maybe a brief why:

Donald L. Hallstrom -
Ummm...still soaking that one in, "It is possible to be active in the church and less active in the gospel." Dang! This is what we exhaust in the WKM...internalizing the Doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31) and then living it! Ooo yeah, how many times was the Gospel/Doctrine of Christ brought up?! Too many to count!

Paul E. Koelliker -
This was like feeding candy to a missionary..."Love is like a gravitational pull toward heaven." mmhmmm....I would agree with that. :)

Quentin L. Cook -
The "Music of Faith" quote was crazy good, right?! Then I loved how he talked about matters of faith being building testimonies not obsessing over the possibility of a virgin birth or the Christ's Resurrection...If you have faith, you feel the truth. "Stay intune to the music of faith!" (I bet you likey this talk too mom.:)

Elder Richard G. Scott - Barely have words...I mailed you a card about
this one today.

President Thomas S. Monson -
Everywhere people are in a hurry...What is really important and what is truly trivial? Every tiny thing he mentioned pierced my soul...every teeny tiny thing. Yeah, I sustain the Prophet. :)

Ok, now I want to hear from YOU! Doesn't need to be big...just wanna hear whatever you can give me. :)

Grandma, I got your letter in plenty of time and LOVED the articles you sent...but maybe your letter just a bit more. Every time you write me it renews my faith, hope and charity. You are an energizer; you are a phenomenon. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to write me and share your thoughts and feelings...I could hear conference speaking to you...I know that the Lord loves you and that you love Him. :)

What the random with those guys, but it was opportune and it does save on shipping! I know you are so, so, so seriously...thanks...that sounds so lame, but it's all I've got. You two are like my iron rod...I'd be lost without you out here. I pray for your success daily in all that you're involved assured that me and the Lord have got your backs. ;) told me that you were on your way to competition....don't leave me hanging! :)

My time with Hermana Grass has come to an end...this Wednesday is transfers and she is off to Kennewick to serve in a tri-panionship with Hermanas Hutchinson and Foreman and then I am getting hertrainer/my "grandma" Hermana Watson! What an unexpected and awesome surprise! She is a fiery, funny red-head who is full of light and love...I don't know why I have been so spoiled...Hermana Grass thinks it's because the work is harder out here than the other areas,so it makes sense to have missionaries who can face it with faith and not let disappointment turn into discouragement. That is not to say that other missionaries don't have faith...I have to renew mine daily. Anyway, running out of time...but yup, I'll still be livin' the life in the 'Couve! Oh, and Elder Fenn got called to be the new Assistant to the President! SO COOL! :)

Love you all, Happiest of Easters!!! ...Even if it is without me. ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Memory of Twilight

So yeah, a lot to cover...I'll try to stay organized, but you know me... :)

I don't know how it slipped my mind last week since we have been LOVING IT...thank you Mom, Alex and Deserae for new music and scripture marker stuff (you got the exact kind I like and wanted!) and
I really needed the Holland Atonement talk and I have now activated my debit card. Great stuff, you all will definitely have a personal Love Sac in my kingdom after this life. ;) 

So, speaking of General Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome. I am pumped. We have no updated prophet videos, so this is a great opportunity for our investigators to actually see and hear from the living prophet and apostles that we keep telling them about, but they can't quite grasp or feel the truthfulness...but I know they will the minute they hear them if they are prepared like Mosiah 2:9 describes: mind, heart and EARS open! I am like seriously hyperventilating right now I am so ecstatic...ahhahahahahah! Anyway, let's all receive some revelation this week and then PLEASE SHARE what you feel comfortable with of course with me! I love spring conference...everything about life and the gospel blooms...there is no better way to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...there is such wisdom in nature in how everything resurrects and we start a bright new season and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same, we bury our sins and rise up again to a new life...conference is such a renewal! 

Ok, Alex and he Braxton should like this one: this crazy surprise of a special training came up this, this transfer has been unusually full of surprise conferences and trainings! The Greer's
nephew, Brother Spencer Larsen, a linebacker for the Bronco's who served in Chile came and trained us and it was like I was seeing and hearing and laughing with Alex! Total Hercules, on fire, non-stop
energy, animated, passionate, accomplished, goal oriented and totally empowered because of his reliance on the Lord....oh, tore his ACL and said he was an impatient guy... ;) He talked about how he feels like there is a spiritual current on this earth and we can ride it...just like t

 turtles in "Finding Nemo"...LOVED IT!  I feel that way too!!!! 

Alright, I'm about to get kicked off so hopefully I can attach some pics....some awesome Twilight Saga gag pics hahahaha, total Washington creepy trees and the burst of light is definitely Edward twinkling behind me! Then one we took with Brother Larsen!