Saturday, June 26, 2010


After 4 fabulous years of studying on and off campus, the highlights would probably be studying abroad in Mexico, Spain and Jerusalem and producing my short senior capstone film, Cricketless. I graduated from BYU in Theater & Media Arts with an emphasis in Film Producing and a minor in Spanish. But just because I "graduated" I still have so much more to learn, so my Spanish es muy peor and the next couple of days are packed with me tying up strings in Provo so I can move to Boston for a summer internship with Walden Media and my best friend Carmen is coming along for the ride and we can't wait!

So the blog begins...

for those of you who actually care to read the rants and ravings of above said "Rave", welcome! Honestly, I have always been reluctant to begin a blog because:
1. I don't think I'm so cool that everyone and their dog wants to read about me.
2. I am a lousy journal writer and...
3. I like to amuse and usually I'm much more entertaining in person.

But anyhow, this blog is for my friends and family who are interested in my latest news and therefore I don't have to compile chaotic emails with pixilated pictures etc. Hopefully this "exercise" will keep me organized and documented for all intents and purposes. Enjoy...or not. Love ya! :)