Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elder Nelson Continued

I'll start out with some updates and then
end with the rest of Elder Nelson:

La Obra Misional -
So this last week was brutal...a couple of our most progressing investigators are losing the faith and one dropped us with serious contempt. It is experiences like these where we feel just a smidgen of
how sad our Heavenly Father is when His children reject the gospel and especially after they have the needed knowledge. However, we have had other tender mercies with finding other investigators and referrals
who are promising. It does not make us hurt less for those who have lost their grasp on the rod of iron, but helps us to see that God has a lot of children and they all need to hear this glad message. This morning I read Mosiah 2 and heard the Lord speaking through King Benjamin: we give the people we teach all the knowledge of the gospel, love and care we can possibly give, but their answer is up to them to
find out for themselves and to then act for themselves. Unfortunately Satan is guiding people down his path, mimicking the Spirit who guides us up God's path. I'm just rambling my thoughts now, but this week we
are focusing on trying to stay positive and moving the work forward; to make the last bit of this transfer the best it can be!

Clases de ingles-
Us and the spanish Elders have started teaching english classes 2x/wk and it is going really well. We have recent converts, members, investigators and potential investigators all attending and loving it.
It is a church kit they have  us use, so it is more memorization based than grammar since this is not a college course and we can't have it be taking up all of our time, but it is a great way to find people to teach!

La vida de Cristo -
For the past 5 years our stake has done what they call "The Life of Christ" where they transform the stake center into an exhibit of Christ's life with paintings, live acting, music etc. all depicting
vignettes of the New Testament. The purpose is to inspire the community to come unto Him and walk away knowing that we do believe in Jesus Christ who is our Savior. Like English classes, we are not teaching
doctrine here, but it is an invitation to the public and a great way to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. We are pumped, because this thing is huge...dang, I mailed you my newsletter today and I
should've included the cool invitations we're giving out...I'll send one later. Anyway, yeah big deal, lots of people and that is why I am emailing you today because our zone was helping construct a bunch of
it yesterday so our pday got switched to today. I'm makes me miss being in Jerusalem with Alex....geez that was special...not just a highlight of my life, but highlights of my life and I got to
share it all with my best friend and brother...Ok, I'm getting all teary eyed now and can't see the screen...good thing I can type well...wasn't expecting to get like that. Like I said, this week and all that's built up to it has been for lack of a better word torturous....I feel so much love it is painful...why don't these
people understand the gospel?! Why do I get that blessing?! It is the most important thing in the world to me and there are people who just toss it aside and drive the spirit out of their lives, becoming
spiritually blind and deaf...I'm extremely sad, but I am extremely grateful; grateful that I have family and friends who are Believers and who live what they believe. Especially my humbled I
am that the Lord gave me parents who know and love the gospel and who stick to've never faltered and from these experiences lately I am beyond impressed with you. Hold to the rod everybody! You are a major strength and support to me...often times the only thing that gets me to smile again. :) Ok, tangent...I am taking up all of Nelson time...sorry!

*I also went on an exchange to Sister Katie Cooper's area (she goes
home in 2 weeks!!!! Alex, contact her please...she needs some

Make sure to read verses 52-55 (54 is totally the Fenn Family) and then he read verse 55 and told us that we were there...WHOA! We are talking with the great and noble...he said it so matter of factly I almost missed with Brigham Young, Adam and Eve etc.?! But the apostle said it, so I believe it. Then it is where we will be if we are faithful...yup, verse 57 where Grandpa and Abuelo are right now! I also almost missed all of this because I was in such shock that to close he just goes straight to the section that has meant so much to me with Grandpa's passing and it has also made me think so much of my Abuelo too... So yeah, we were there in those councils...numbered among those leaders and specifically sent during this dispensation...we have a lot of work to do folks....but it is amazing to realize that the Lord trusts us! I mean, everyone listed in that section are the greatest who ever lived...and that includes us! Anyway, you just gotta study that section and please, please, please tell me your thoughts. Obviously I needed all of that instruction the week before this last one...God knows and loves me and you too! K, bye!

Con toda de mi corazon,

Hermana Alard

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elder Nelson Came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!! I will do my best to stay coherent...hahaha!

1. Zone Meeting -
There have been some struggles in our zone lately and Elder Randall and Elder Fenn layed the best smack down I've heard yet from Zone leaders...they are rockin...probably my favorites, even if I have only been out 4 months! (Yeah, apparently my 4mth anniversary was last week...Hermana Alberts informed me of know how I am keeping track of that kind of stuff...not so just pops up somehow and then I realize...oh geez, this time last year I was feeling that
something was missing from my life and then I went to El Salvador with Carmencita and all of that got filled up didn't it!? Here I am...what the?!) Anyway, Elder Randall was amazingly heartfelt and read off "My Commission" with some extras like, "I am called of God"..."I think"....basically an awesome chastisement of the zone not taking our calling seriously etc. It was was bold and loving...Elder Holland would've given him one serious pat on the back.

2. We had a Sister's Training in Kennewick -
So all of us sisters from the west side of the mission were picked up and driven the 4 hours to Kennewick to stay overnight at the mission home and then go to an all day training just for sister's in the mission down the street at the stake center next to the Columbia River temple (the pics I forwarded to you). I finally got to see Hermana Alberts and meet all of these other sisters I've only ever heard about. But I was ready for this training and not too into chatting because I've been praying for advice on how to become better and the Lord tidal waved heaps of instruction on me...the Lord answers prayers! hahaha!

3. And last but at the very MOST!!!! ELDER NELSON CAME!!!! (I
know...he must be the theme of my mission...MTC and here! The only thing missing was his wife...gosh I love her...she rocked my world on Thanksgiving.)Yup, you read that right...we knew he was coming to speak to the Longview stake at their stake conference, but we got called the day before that he had found time in his schedule and wanted to do a private mission conference, but could only do it with the west yeah, less than 80 of us missionaries sat in the chapel and there I was front and center and his eyes pierced my soul...literally. I don't have time obviously to write it all to you, but I will forward
the apostolic blessing he left us after this. I'm quickly type some quotes from my notes:

"You know what I measure? If the messengers are worthy of the
message...and you are."

"Thanksgiving is Thanksliving."

"Conversion is never static; it is dynamic."

"When you have a bad day, read D&C 122...God changed Joseph's
perspective from the present to eternal."

"For each person you meet you may be the only person they run into to
know about exaltation. Your message is urgent!"

Why do we go 2 by 2? Because you may stand as witnesses you and your companion...will stand there when the people you meet are questioned
about the gospel in the next life....(WHOA!)

"In order to accomplish the impossible, the Lord chooses the unlikely."

"When you feel a little short of what the Lord expects of you, that's good; it means you are being stretched."

"The Atonement is the most important doctrine we teach." Romans 5:11 is the only place the bible uses the word atonement and the BOM is full of it!

"Men are that they might have joy...I read that in a book somewhere..." hahaha!

"Be joyful! Yours is a message of eternal exaltation! You're their
ticket! So you should radiate that joy!"

The rest next week...the most important, the most impactful for
me...stay D&C 138 and we'll talk soon! INCREDIBLE! :")

More New Investigators

More New Investigators this week!

Group 1: Estella and her 2 kids Jessica 13 and Axle 11. Estella had received a pass-along card and called the number to order a "Finding Faith in Christ" dvd...when she met us she was hesitant saying that she is christian not mormon when she recognized us...but we clarified and warmed her up and asked if we could watch the video with them and she said yes! When we did, the spirit was very strong and afterwards we asked some questions and each person ended up bearing their testimonies...her kids are very intune!!! Axle's testimony made me tear up when he said, "I think Jesus is the best person that ever lived." Estella says they go to a church already, but says we can come back! It's like she couldn't even believe what she was saying...pretty amusing, but obviously the spirit speaking. :)

Group 2:
Our recent convert Carlos 19 brought his girlfriend, Zayna 17 to
church a week ago and we asked if she'd be interested in lessons and she said ok, so we taught a brief lesson with her and him before church yesterday and she is a sponge! She doesn't really have any religious background, but has faith in prayer and knows that God protects her. Beautiful girl inside and out...we're really excited. Carlos told about his conversion story and how he had no family before he was baptized and that now he does and he could never stop living the gospel because of it. She was very intrigued with this idea even though it sounds like she has a good family, she recognizes that Carlos has something special.

So, I am really studying hard in PMG on "Teaching Skills"...I am not a very good teacher...don't super enjoy "teaching" to be honest, but I do enjoy sharing the I try to think of it like that. I have always had teaching callings (no idea why) and especially now, so I really want to improve. I am continually enlightened when I study, so I know the improvement will come line upon line etc. Most of all I love teaching with Hermana Grass...we've worked out a good flow...we keep each other smiling and laughing even when we're exhausted or disappointed. This week we are really trying to put our investigators on date after we've been discussing baptisms and their concerns now for quite some time. We are praying and fasting for the Spirit to guide.

The pictures are of us helping Amelia, the mother of one of our
investigator families make tamales! Estella reminds me a lot of how she was the first time we tracked into her...since then Amelia has told us how grateful she is for us...when we showed up they had just moved here and she was really depressed missing where they had left. She says that it was all worth it now for meeting us...that we make her feel young, and she likes the warmth she feels when we teach...but she still struggles to let go of being Catholic although her kids really love the gospel and being a part of mutual. The dad is reading the BOM and 2 other books...he feels that there are parts of God in everything and that you just have to search on your own and take what you feel good yeah, we kind of agree with him and kind of not...hahaha...but we're getting there. I'm telling you, kids are the back door to the parents. I know a missionary shouldn't be proud, but I have to tell you the YM President, me and Hermana Grass got a van full of investigators and less actives to a branch youth activity Friday night and they loved it and didn't want to leave! It was a lot of work,  but so worth it...they're parents really trust us and when they're kids came home smiling it was so worth it...the parents can't deny that this is something more than good.

Love ya'll...enjoy this week...laugh for me. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi Y'all

So, some updates would be that:

Cristian turned 18 this weekend and is picking his baptismal date this time...he is having a hard time reconciling that he believes in the gospel, but is afraid of letting go of being Catholic with his family...he is not practicing, it is more of a cultural thing...but we are working through it.

Zarah is on date for 3/31 and her mom has really warmed up to much so that she has been talking our ears off and invited us to dinner...the Lord is molding her too...but we'll be patient. :) It is a miracle how her feelings have changed and how far Zarah has come...she now feels guilty if she doesn't remember to pray about one thing during the day! She is so ready...but still nervous....we are helping her to prepare.

Edith is definitely afraid that she is feeling something she's never felt so strong...she's always been drawn to our church and especially the people...unfortunately she is pushing it aside and says she is not going to convert...well, the Lord will see about that...we're being careful, but we'll be bold. :) Sometimes it is just about planting that seed and then backing off so that they can feel the difference.

We just got an apartment of new investigators...a referral from the same member who referred us to Mary! It is 2 sisters, Karina and Norma and Karina's novio Carlos and Aldo, Norma's 7 year old son and maybe their 2 guy friends Pablo (thinks he's Catholic) and Antonio (we think he might be Gay)...anyway...they're awesome!!! They ask amazing questions...they want it so bad and yeah...I don't want to get to excited, because there are definitely going to be some obstacles, but we feel really good about them...they are we just gotta be. It was like teaching a sunday school class last night with all of them in the room asking perfect, but deep life yeah, we taught the Plan of Salvation and I felt like we needed a
whiteboard! :)

Ok, gotta go...gotta write you all, have a great your ENOS! ;)