Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elder Nelson Continued

I'll start out with some updates and then
end with the rest of Elder Nelson:

La Obra Misional -
So this last week was brutal...a couple of our most progressing investigators are losing the faith and one dropped us with serious contempt. It is experiences like these where we feel just a smidgen of
how sad our Heavenly Father is when His children reject the gospel and especially after they have the needed knowledge. However, we have had other tender mercies with finding other investigators and referrals
who are promising. It does not make us hurt less for those who have lost their grasp on the rod of iron, but helps us to see that God has a lot of children and they all need to hear this glad message. This morning I read Mosiah 2 and heard the Lord speaking through King Benjamin: we give the people we teach all the knowledge of the gospel, love and care we can possibly give, but their answer is up to them to
find out for themselves and to then act for themselves. Unfortunately Satan is guiding people down his path, mimicking the Spirit who guides us up God's path. I'm just rambling my thoughts now, but this week we
are focusing on trying to stay positive and moving the work forward; to make the last bit of this transfer the best it can be!

Clases de ingles-
Us and the spanish Elders have started teaching english classes 2x/wk and it is going really well. We have recent converts, members, investigators and potential investigators all attending and loving it.
It is a church kit they have  us use, so it is more memorization based than grammar since this is not a college course and we can't have it be taking up all of our time, but it is a great way to find people to teach!

La vida de Cristo -
For the past 5 years our stake has done what they call "The Life of Christ" where they transform the stake center into an exhibit of Christ's life with paintings, live acting, music etc. all depicting
vignettes of the New Testament. The purpose is to inspire the community to come unto Him and walk away knowing that we do believe in Jesus Christ who is our Savior. Like English classes, we are not teaching
doctrine here, but it is an invitation to the public and a great way to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. We are pumped, because this thing is huge...dang, I mailed you my newsletter today and I
should've included the cool invitations we're giving out...I'll send one later. Anyway, yeah big deal, lots of people and that is why I am emailing you today because our zone was helping construct a bunch of
it yesterday so our pday got switched to today. I'm makes me miss being in Jerusalem with Alex....geez that was special...not just a highlight of my life, but highlights of my life and I got to
share it all with my best friend and brother...Ok, I'm getting all teary eyed now and can't see the screen...good thing I can type well...wasn't expecting to get like that. Like I said, this week and all that's built up to it has been for lack of a better word torturous....I feel so much love it is painful...why don't these
people understand the gospel?! Why do I get that blessing?! It is the most important thing in the world to me and there are people who just toss it aside and drive the spirit out of their lives, becoming
spiritually blind and deaf...I'm extremely sad, but I am extremely grateful; grateful that I have family and friends who are Believers and who live what they believe. Especially my humbled I
am that the Lord gave me parents who know and love the gospel and who stick to've never faltered and from these experiences lately I am beyond impressed with you. Hold to the rod everybody! You are a major strength and support to me...often times the only thing that gets me to smile again. :) Ok, tangent...I am taking up all of Nelson time...sorry!

*I also went on an exchange to Sister Katie Cooper's area (she goes
home in 2 weeks!!!! Alex, contact her please...she needs some

Make sure to read verses 52-55 (54 is totally the Fenn Family) and then he read verse 55 and told us that we were there...WHOA! We are talking with the great and noble...he said it so matter of factly I almost missed with Brigham Young, Adam and Eve etc.?! But the apostle said it, so I believe it. Then it is where we will be if we are faithful...yup, verse 57 where Grandpa and Abuelo are right now! I also almost missed all of this because I was in such shock that to close he just goes straight to the section that has meant so much to me with Grandpa's passing and it has also made me think so much of my Abuelo too... So yeah, we were there in those councils...numbered among those leaders and specifically sent during this dispensation...we have a lot of work to do folks....but it is amazing to realize that the Lord trusts us! I mean, everyone listed in that section are the greatest who ever lived...and that includes us! Anyway, you just gotta study that section and please, please, please tell me your thoughts. Obviously I needed all of that instruction the week before this last one...God knows and loves me and you too! K, bye!

Con toda de mi corazon,

Hermana Alard

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