Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elder Nelson Came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!! I will do my best to stay coherent...hahaha!

1. Zone Meeting -
There have been some struggles in our zone lately and Elder Randall and Elder Fenn layed the best smack down I've heard yet from Zone leaders...they are rockin...probably my favorites, even if I have only been out 4 months! (Yeah, apparently my 4mth anniversary was last week...Hermana Alberts informed me of know how I am keeping track of that kind of stuff...not so just pops up somehow and then I realize...oh geez, this time last year I was feeling that
something was missing from my life and then I went to El Salvador with Carmencita and all of that got filled up didn't it!? Here I am...what the?!) Anyway, Elder Randall was amazingly heartfelt and read off "My Commission" with some extras like, "I am called of God"..."I think"....basically an awesome chastisement of the zone not taking our calling seriously etc. It was was bold and loving...Elder Holland would've given him one serious pat on the back.

2. We had a Sister's Training in Kennewick -
So all of us sisters from the west side of the mission were picked up and driven the 4 hours to Kennewick to stay overnight at the mission home and then go to an all day training just for sister's in the mission down the street at the stake center next to the Columbia River temple (the pics I forwarded to you). I finally got to see Hermana Alberts and meet all of these other sisters I've only ever heard about. But I was ready for this training and not too into chatting because I've been praying for advice on how to become better and the Lord tidal waved heaps of instruction on me...the Lord answers prayers! hahaha!

3. And last but at the very MOST!!!! ELDER NELSON CAME!!!! (I
know...he must be the theme of my mission...MTC and here! The only thing missing was his wife...gosh I love her...she rocked my world on Thanksgiving.)Yup, you read that right...we knew he was coming to speak to the Longview stake at their stake conference, but we got called the day before that he had found time in his schedule and wanted to do a private mission conference, but could only do it with the west yeah, less than 80 of us missionaries sat in the chapel and there I was front and center and his eyes pierced my soul...literally. I don't have time obviously to write it all to you, but I will forward
the apostolic blessing he left us after this. I'm quickly type some quotes from my notes:

"You know what I measure? If the messengers are worthy of the
message...and you are."

"Thanksgiving is Thanksliving."

"Conversion is never static; it is dynamic."

"When you have a bad day, read D&C 122...God changed Joseph's
perspective from the present to eternal."

"For each person you meet you may be the only person they run into to
know about exaltation. Your message is urgent!"

Why do we go 2 by 2? Because you may stand as witnesses you and your companion...will stand there when the people you meet are questioned
about the gospel in the next life....(WHOA!)

"In order to accomplish the impossible, the Lord chooses the unlikely."

"When you feel a little short of what the Lord expects of you, that's good; it means you are being stretched."

"The Atonement is the most important doctrine we teach." Romans 5:11 is the only place the bible uses the word atonement and the BOM is full of it!

"Men are that they might have joy...I read that in a book somewhere..." hahaha!

"Be joyful! Yours is a message of eternal exaltation! You're their
ticket! So you should radiate that joy!"

The rest next week...the most important, the most impactful for
me...stay D&C 138 and we'll talk soon! INCREDIBLE! :")

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