Sunday, March 18, 2012

More New Investigators

More New Investigators this week!

Group 1: Estella and her 2 kids Jessica 13 and Axle 11. Estella had received a pass-along card and called the number to order a "Finding Faith in Christ" dvd...when she met us she was hesitant saying that she is christian not mormon when she recognized us...but we clarified and warmed her up and asked if we could watch the video with them and she said yes! When we did, the spirit was very strong and afterwards we asked some questions and each person ended up bearing their testimonies...her kids are very intune!!! Axle's testimony made me tear up when he said, "I think Jesus is the best person that ever lived." Estella says they go to a church already, but says we can come back! It's like she couldn't even believe what she was saying...pretty amusing, but obviously the spirit speaking. :)

Group 2:
Our recent convert Carlos 19 brought his girlfriend, Zayna 17 to
church a week ago and we asked if she'd be interested in lessons and she said ok, so we taught a brief lesson with her and him before church yesterday and she is a sponge! She doesn't really have any religious background, but has faith in prayer and knows that God protects her. Beautiful girl inside and out...we're really excited. Carlos told about his conversion story and how he had no family before he was baptized and that now he does and he could never stop living the gospel because of it. She was very intrigued with this idea even though it sounds like she has a good family, she recognizes that Carlos has something special.

So, I am really studying hard in PMG on "Teaching Skills"...I am not a very good teacher...don't super enjoy "teaching" to be honest, but I do enjoy sharing the I try to think of it like that. I have always had teaching callings (no idea why) and especially now, so I really want to improve. I am continually enlightened when I study, so I know the improvement will come line upon line etc. Most of all I love teaching with Hermana Grass...we've worked out a good flow...we keep each other smiling and laughing even when we're exhausted or disappointed. This week we are really trying to put our investigators on date after we've been discussing baptisms and their concerns now for quite some time. We are praying and fasting for the Spirit to guide.

The pictures are of us helping Amelia, the mother of one of our
investigator families make tamales! Estella reminds me a lot of how she was the first time we tracked into her...since then Amelia has told us how grateful she is for us...when we showed up they had just moved here and she was really depressed missing where they had left. She says that it was all worth it now for meeting us...that we make her feel young, and she likes the warmth she feels when we teach...but she still struggles to let go of being Catholic although her kids really love the gospel and being a part of mutual. The dad is reading the BOM and 2 other books...he feels that there are parts of God in everything and that you just have to search on your own and take what you feel good yeah, we kind of agree with him and kind of not...hahaha...but we're getting there. I'm telling you, kids are the back door to the parents. I know a missionary shouldn't be proud, but I have to tell you the YM President, me and Hermana Grass got a van full of investigators and less actives to a branch youth activity Friday night and they loved it and didn't want to leave! It was a lot of work,  but so worth it...they're parents really trust us and when they're kids came home smiling it was so worth it...the parents can't deny that this is something more than good.

Love ya'll...enjoy this week...laugh for me. 

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