Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're American...

So yeah, we're American...President's Day and such has brought me to email you today. Well, I guess I now know who really loves me because the woman who birthed me beat you all to sending me 2 new cd's and a really cute Valentine's day card! Then my grandma sent me a package of all the bits and pieces of my grandpa's mission farewell (I haven't been able to listen to it yet because I want to have a calm, uninterrupted amount of time to do it all at once and when I don't have to rush somewhere and have my makeup look good. ;) and yet again another heartfelt letter...Like mother like daughter I two are so caring and loving and I try to be like you. :) Alrighty, so this week is transfers and Hermana Grass and I are staying together in the Couv for another transfer!!!!!!!! It is crazy, but President told us that no spanish sisters are coming in this transfer and he is really happy with us....and there is nowhere to move us, hahaha! This is because there are 7 of us right now: a companionship is opening a new area with training Hermana Alberts who I was with in the MTC, then a companionship with a Hermana Foreman who just came back from Medical leave and I've never met, then the last Hermana has been temporarily made English yeah, we're here to stay for 6 more weeks! :) 2 of my favorite Elders are getting transferred though....Elder Winters (my District Leader) and Elder Metz (my buddy)..I'll miss them, but we'll BFF'S. :)

Me with Christian.
Cristian is struggling and he doesn't even know it....he's a teenager who has never been expected to be super accountable or responsible and so as much as he wants salvation and really cares about being baptized, he hasn't been following through...a lot of that comes from family plans that make it so he forgets about rides that come for him for church and although he can repeat everything we've taught him, he still needs a testimony. He turns 18 on Saturday 2/25 and his baptism is scheduled 2/26, but it will again be pushed back because he's got to show more dedication and come to church at least 2 more times. The fact is that we are trying to build the branch and if he is needing more time to understand and   prove that God can trust him to make these coventants, that is better than to baptize him and have him not live up to's like that scripture that says that once you have known the Lord and don't follow through, it would be better that you did not know him....ouchy, but the truth. We still have a lot of faith in him though...he missed the baptism part of a another baptism we invited him to, but he heard the talks about the Holy Ghost and the YM president came and took him out to lunch. We try not to get frustrated with him because we know that this is all very new and he wants it, he's just never had to really feel any urgency like this before. Also, he confided in us that he is stressed...that his mom in on his back and his aunt and all her family just moved in their house and his life is crazy and difficult to focus right now...but that's when we need the gospel the most. So yeah, cross your arms and bow your head and we'll see what happens. :)

Mary is spunky. She is building her faith, but is really like a child who is learning this stuff for the first time..lately she's been kinda sassy about some things... but we're working through them. However, get a load of this email she sent her friends (who are astonished that she has dropped smoking and drinking all together) and told us about and then I had her print it off for me so I could have it and share it...

"Gee Suzy, I am no special quit smoking, quit drinking Goddess! Please tell Jack that if he had two 22 year old virgins checking up on him in person three times a week, he wouldn't think it was such an accomplishment. I also didn't realize I am a prideful person, but I told so many non-smokers that I quit that I don't want to get busted! I don't DARE smoke again! It also was a birthday present for my son, and when he goes outside to smoke, I tell him I want to smoke, too, and he says "I don't think so!" Yes, I seem to be doing a lot of changing, and it would seem like a lot to me, but I don't think about it that way. I think about the good stuff: more spendable income, no more phlegm and coughing, no more puking and all day runs, more energy! Oh sure, I feel the body aches and pains more, but that is a small price to pay!"

HAHAHAHA! Oh, Mary...she's a sweet sass. :)

 Alrighty, gotta go write President...but I'm looking forward to a fresh start with this transfer...always trying to better myself without getting overwhelmed. ;) Love ya, BYE! :)

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