Sunday, February 19, 2012


Alrighty well, here's the news:

Cr's baptism got moved to 2/26 because he turns 18 on 2/25 and
the consensus is that would be better than pushing for parental
permission now. His parents like us and are fine, but yeah...He also needs a deeper root/understanding...basically a testimony. He believes and agrees with 90% of everything and really wants to baptized...we have faith that it will still happen! The Lord knows what He is doing.

Mary is plugging along nicely...she's a hoot...she and Dad would get along well. :)

The G family is learning slowly but surely. We love them and
they want to meet my family. :)

The Sori family is rockin...reading in the BOM and we've had some
strong lessons with them. They always tell us how different they feel when we're around and we have good discussions.

E. is stressed, but Hermana Campos in the branch has been a
phenomenal fellowshipper...E. struggles to believe in the
restoration, particularly Joseph Smith.

Any of you who have given talks this last month, please email them to me, so I can print and read them. I know that A&D gave Moroni 10:3-5 talks in church and then many of you at grandpa's mission yeah, get me in the loop people! :)


Random Things:

Whoever: I am desperate for new music! So, if any of you would be kind enough to send some along, I'd be oh so happy. Yes, it must be tunes that invite the spirit...but PLEASE keep in mind that is not just MOTAB or EFY...hahaha! So yeah, could ya help an Hermana out porfa? :)

Those who write to me through
I don't know why, but does not put the date on the
letters you send like an email it would be so helpful if you would when you write so I can keep track...I know I'm extremely behind and I'm so so sorry...but dates will help me a lot.

Out of time, random email ...sorry, had to write president some stuff. love you guys and thank you for your love and prayers! BYE!

Had an interview with president this week and am probably staying here with grass this transfer, let you know next week, bye!

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