Saturday, November 19, 2011

MTC Week 1

Nov 17th, 2011

As of Monday I have been moved to Advanced Spanish and will be leaving the MTC in 2.5 weeks. I am in the same Zone, but a 
different District which means new companions, new room and new Mailbox #.
·   Zone 47, District D
·   Companions with Hermanas Franck (Fresno, CA Mission) and Harding (Phoenix, AZ) spanish speaking
·   Mailbox #284 (My address stays the same, just the Box# changes.)
·   Residence 17M, Richards Building
·   Class 7M, Kimball Building
·   Pday on Thursdays

The cafeteria served Graham Canyon Ice cream for lunch and Marionberry for dinner...that is the extent of my excitement these days...oh, and the temple was great of course!

I'll have to tell you about the craziness of the Spanish class they placed me in when I get back...but I feel so grateful because I love my first District so so so much! A huge blessing in my life...and then this whirwind happened and I have fun with the Advanced District (Elders all 1/2 or full Latin and Sisters both white). The class is at my level and although I get frustrated with myself teaching, the new companionship is trying my patience the most. But it is all good...I am adaptable and the Lord knows what is best and the sooner I can serve the better. I do miss my other District a ton though.

The MTC is not my fav...but it is not terrible. :) I mostly just don't like so much sitting, standing and eating (processed/heavy foods)...I use gym time to the MAX! I love Predicad Mi is the BOMB and I would die without it. I also really love the CHOIR! Singing has been a major stress release and the Director is super duper funny! We sang "Be Still My Soul" for the devotional Tuesday and me and Alex's old Raintree Stake President conducted the choir that night. He is incredible..booming voice/testimony and I sat on the front row and he asked me to was cool. And I am trying to get out of the habit of saying "Guys, Dudes, Gals, Ladies" etc. and use Elderes y Hermanas. I call my new district Elderitos/Doritos...they love it and they love me. :) Most of all I am in love with the Sabbath...the sacrament and Music and the Spoken word rock my soul. ;)

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