Sunday, November 27, 2011

MTC: I'm Outta Here

So, I jet out of this joint on Tuesday, November 29. I'm flying on Delta and have a quick flight to Washington, with no stops. I'll be there by the early afternoon.

Now time to fill you in on more MTC life...

So each Sunday after Sacrament, our Branch President randomly announced missionaries to give talks on the theme. That means that during the week we all individually prepare a 5 minute talk in Spanish on the week's theme. Last week's was "The Gift of the Holy Ghost by the Laying on of Hands" and guess who he called up....ME. :) I knew it before he even announced it. Hahaha. It went well...a little less casual than I would've liked since I wanted the doctrine to be clear in spanish...anyway, it is good to have the talks prepared each week even if you don't speak because then you have them for your mission because randomly having to speak will not become so random anymore for a missionary.


Elder Christofferson of the 12 apostles spoke to  us on Tuesday...I was stoked! And I sang "Come Thou Fount" (Alex's favorito) with the choir. He started his talk out by telling us that one time he was visiting a Spanish Ward and the pulpit had a sign by the mic that read, "Please speak slowly, you are being translated." HAHAHAHA! Love the gospel jokes...but really that's a good one. :) He discussed D&C 112 and thanked us over and over again for serving...that we are companions with the 12 and the Quorums of 70, "We are honored to be your companions. We go shoulder to shoulder in this apostolic work." He also talked about serving his mission in Argentina and how Elder Richard G. Scott was his mission president, so that was cool. Also he talked about yielding our hearts to God (Heleman 3:25, 35) and said "Everything that ocurrs to you in your mission will be swallowed up in the Joy of Christ." referring to Alma 31:38. He then felt impressed to bless us and that was really special telling us that God is who gives us the increase and carries the burden, "Do what He asks; it is not that much." "Bind yourself to Him and it all comes out well."

Then if that was not enough, Elder Nelson and his wife Wendy surprised us Thanksgiving morning...I can barely describe to you how it feels to have one of the Lord's special witnesses walk in and to stand in silence...we were all so full of way to celebrate. Of course Elder Nelson's address was amazing as he shared the miracles that happened when he was a Junior apostle called to open up missions in Communist countries and specifically in Russia. It would take too long and be too complicated to just trust me. However for me, Sister Nelson was the real heart surgeon yesterday...full on open heart surgery on Hermana Alard. I was enthralled with her and her words. She gave 4 situations of where men were asked to do something the Lord's way and not after the manner of men.
1. "Nephi's Impecable Obedience" - He had no clue how to do what the Lord asked...EVER. (Laban, The Ship, His brothers etc.) 1 Nephi 17:8
2. Joseph Smith building temples - The Architect disagreed with circular windows and said that that made no sense, but Joseph knew what the Lord had shown him.
3. Dr. Russel M. Nelson (Elder Nelson) - He honored the scriptures more than his medical textbooks and pioneered "open heart surgery" against conflicting medical views/beliefs because passages in scripture inspired him to think on how this could be done and the Lord showed him how. Also, when he was called to be an apostle, he immediately "Laid down his nets" (Matthew 4) because he did not want to live his life after the manner of men and he closed his practice after he was a world renowned surgeon accomplishing incredible medical feats.
4. Parley P. Pratt - had a dream of a man asking him to join a greater work, the Lord's work and to CEASE working on his crops and fence...but he ignored the dream and planted his crop. Later he wrote, "I never reaped." meaning literally from his crops and spiritually from the Lord's work because he followed after the manner of men.

She then had us all promise to our Heavenly Father outloud, "I will serve my mission for the Lord after the manner He will show me and not after the manner of men." This was super powerful. That's all I have time to tell you but, this topic was amazing because this is something that I have really been studying and working on because all the things that used to work for me being effiicient at church, work etc. do not seem to be working for me here and so my "best"/Raven's way has been must be done in the Lord's way.

Ok, I'm over my time...Love you all and please pray for me! LOVE YOU and hope to talk soon!

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