Sunday, January 15, 2012

On the Brink of Baptism...

So, here's my updates:

Surprise of all surprises, HERMANA ALARD & HERMANA GRASS GET 6 MORE WEEKS TOGETHER! a.k.a Somehow they let us stay is crazy. As of last week, an English sister had to go home suddenly so Pres. Greer asked one of the spanish sisters to become English for the time being. So, this means that there are only 4 Spanish sisters in the mission right of tomorrow we will have 1 new Spanish Sister (Hermana A from the MTC/one of my first companions in the MTC) and maybe a sister who went home for health reasons 6 months ago...this means that there will be one companionship opening up a new area, but we still don't know who is where and who is coming yet. All we know is that we get to stay! This is so incredible because we have plenty of investigators on the brink of baptism, we just gotta lovingly push them in the water! ;)

Z's mom was a member for awhile when she was younger and has some serious misconceptions about the church that she shared with Z. So, Z is still moving strong and has been receiving great courage to continue forward with what she feels is true. She asked us about her mom's misconceptions and they were understandable, but way out of context...but we handled it well and Z is going to Mutual, coming to church, reading and praying and loving our lessons. And her mom is still letting us meet with that's good news!

The Gonzalez family is at a crucial point right now...we've been fasting and praying for them to gain a testimony that this is true on their own and be baptized. They want to be sure, but we have gotten them way further than they were anticipating and they are comfortable and happy. We've had powerful lessons with members that were definitely inspired, especially this last week we had the G's (Older Salvadoran couple who are converts and have been members for 24 years and have a very similar background with religion as the Gonzalez's) and we taught what sets us apart: the priesthood and the BOM...without these the gospel would not be restored and we would not know that the saving ordinances are done correctly. They are seeing and feeling that this gospel is focused on family and that is giving them faith. I have never cried in a lesson until this last one with them and the Gs and I bore my testimony about how the gospel blesses families and how no matter how much I want them to have it, and no matter how much I tell them about it...they have to want it for themselves. They have to seek for the truth by praying, studying the BOM and going to church. They were touched by this and A hugged me tight after the lesson and J shook my hand and told me that what I said was really was the spirit because I could feel everyone else feeling it too and looking at me so intently that I just tried to be the Lord's instrument and let him strum away! But then they scared us yesterday...they didn't show up for church (our classes are first and sacrament last)...we were fasting and in a daze all morning just praying that they would come. Then, they texted us and said they were on their way for sacrament! We were so pumped we couldn't stand it! Testimony meeting was perfect...everyone bore strong testimonies of the restoration: the priesthood, the BOM and Families...exactly what we had been teaching. I know you're thinking well duh, everyone bears their testimony on that...not like yesterday. One very old but strong member got up and specifically pointed out the Gonzalez family and told them how the restoration has blessed her family...CRAZY! It was kinda funny because after the meeting both A and J teased that I had put her up to it...they are so funny and so comfortable with us. J is a born leader...I've never seen someone so funny and friendly...except my dad. :) He is a friend to all and he is the new one...I love it. Then A is so kind and sincere that everyone is drawn to her and wants to chat. Then their kids are so well behaved and smart and fun that all the kids cling to them! This has to happen...they have to become members...just like the Savior says, there is no other way. (2 Nephi 31)

Have I told you about Mar? We are teaching an american/english speaking elderly woman who was in the army for years....I need to tell you about her I think...let me know.

Love you all and hope you are having a great week. Now that I am getting the hang of my new life, my goal this transfer is to write people back!!!!

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